brianne senior portrait field dress
brianne track and field senior portrait nike poster
Brianne senior portrait Colorado springs
brianne colorado springs senior portrait photography

Brianne had some definite ideas about what she wanted for her senior portraits.  "Something with columns and stairs, like the capitol building", and "something kind of outdoorsy"...okay, no problem.  "And something on the track (she runs track for TCA)...kind of like a Nike poster."  O....kaaaay.  Man, I'm so glad she asked for that--we really loved shooting those portraits--lots of fun.  It was cool, also, because when we did get down the the track, she put her game face on--I thought she was going to run through the camera.  Intense.  In fact, she built up so much intensity, she had to run a lap and get it out (very. fast).  Thanks, Brianne--you rocked our world!